The Bizarre Brits are back!

Since 1993 Surridge Films has been making programmes about crazy, weird and wonderful sports and people in the UK for international broadcasters. Annually recurring events like Cheese Rolling, Bed Racing, Toe Wrestling, Wife Carrying, Bog Snorkelling, Football in the River, etc. The list goes on and on and these are just a small part of our repertoire!

Unfortunately in 2020 the pandemic put an end to these beloved events and for the last two years they simply couldn’t taken place.

However, we are now proud to declare the restrictions have been lifted and the silly season has opened again! We kicked it off by filming the one and only mad and foolhardy Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling event in Gloucestershire.

Several years ago the police banned the event because it was deemed too dangerous. This didn’t stop the hardcore fans though and they just continued chasing the cheeses regardless. A truly British act of defiance!!


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Multiple injuries happen every year and this year was no different. Thousands of spectators appeared at the event and it was a truly fitting finale to coincide with the end of the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations.