Keith Surridge set up Surridge Films in 1993 having spent 20 years as a freelance DP and Director for a wide variety of international production houses and broadcasters shooting commercials, documentaries and corporate films.We started off having great fun and immense success on an international scale producing a TV series focusing on the many weird, wonderful and whacky eccentrics in the UK. We travelled the country high and wide filming “Bizarre Brits” and spread the word from Japan to Australia to the USA and across Europe.

Since those giddy pioneer days we have branched out and not only serve European broadcasters with programming, but have forged alliances with many international corporate clients. Furthermore we have specialised in creating trailers for theatres and opera houses throughout Germany.

We are based in the heart of Europe in Frankfurt and have joined British expertise, humour and talent with German efficiency and state of the art cinematographic tools.

We also offer camera crews for hire in Germany and Central Europe.


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Our Work

TV & Documentaries

Our first venture into TV production was in the early 90’s when we focused on portraying the “weird and wonderful” and at times completely off the wall eccentrics from the UK. German TV eagerly broadcast these clips and we rapidly built up a reputation as the crazy Brits based in Frankfurt.

Arts & Education

We have produced various films, DVDs and clips, which lend an artistic approach to educational topics. Traditionally, educational and informative programming can be rather dry, however, we pride ourselves on imparting information in a refreshingly entertaining way.

Theatre Trailers

We have been producing trailers and backstage previews for the English Theatre Frankfurt for several years now. These clips appear not only in the local Frankfurt cinemas but online and even on public transport ticket machines.

Our Clients

Contact Us

Contact Information

E-Mail: info@surridge-films.com
Phone: +49 69 538690

Surridge Films GmbH
Hamburger Allee 45
60486 Frankfurt