Legal videography and remote depositions

Hiring a legal videographer for a deposition has many benefits and we have been providing US law firms with legal videography services in Europe for many years now. Our main areas of operation are Germany, The Netherlands, Luxemburg, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and all Scandinavia.

In 2020, once the pandemic hit the world and lockdowns and travel restrictions were imposed, the industry had to come up with a solution. New challenges arose – not only in all areas of film making but in communications world wide. Since then we have been adjusting both the way we work as well as our equipment: offering remote directing packages to our clients overseas has become a regular part of our services. Communications and meetings were quickly moved to Skype, complemented by Zoom, MS Teams, WebEx etc. Technology moved fast and provided sophisticated remedies for a wide range of needs which we all quickly had to adapt to – it was challenging but also offered new opportunities.

Depositions and legal videography went remote and are now an established norm alongside “in person” depositions, which are still being performed when conditions allow.

Remote Depositions – various scenarios

There are two ways these new remote depositions can be carried out: either they are conducted with the legal videographer recording the witness and streaming the statements to the lawyers all over the world. The other scenario means the witness joins a video meeting remotely while being deposed and our videographer takes care of the technical part and the recording.

We are proud to say that our legal videographers now have the expertise and technical know-how to conduct and oversee “remote depostions”.

Our team here at Surridge Films are trained with all the necessary technical skills and tools to conduct these remote depositions. It is a great feather in our cap and a challenge which we have embraced wholeheartedly to offer our clients a wide range of services while always keeping up with the latest developments. Legal videography has always been a highly technical job and we understand the added responsibility and pressure during remote depositions.

Needless to say keeping abreast of new technology is a definite must in the media and film industry and we are at the forefront of all new developments. We are proud to offer these skills and tools to all our clients as a part of our wide range of services at Surridge Films!

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